Memories in the Making

The goal of Memories in the Making is to create an emotionally safe environment for the artists with dementia to express themselves through art.  Rather than teach new skills, this program provides a voice for the artists and a glimpse for the families and caregivers to learn more about them as individuals.  The paintings may convey memories from early childhood or express a deep longing, a child-like whimsy or even frustration.  Whatever the paint portrays has beauty and speaks volumes in its own way.  Out of the thousands of paintings created, below you will find the selection of 2020 MIM paintings that moved or spoke to us the most.


All proceeds will be sent to the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.


We apologize if the MIM watermarks on these images disrupts your viewing pleasure.  It is our way of ensuring these images don't get misused.

Be assured that there will be no MIM watermarks on any of the items gifted for a donation.